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Production and distribution of packaging materials , distribution of packaging machines, storage

L-System csomagolástechnika

Our main product and services

Foil products

-Small SHRINK WRAPS FOR MANUAL USE FROM 1,5KG UNTIL 4KG 10-12-15-17-20-23-30-35MIC
-Shrink wrap 15-16 kg/roll , 10-12-15-17-20-23-30-35MIC
-High-stretch shrink wrap power, super power,200 ,250,300 %
-Pre-stretched shrink wrap 7-8-9MIC
-Smart shrink wrap for manual use with lightened spool
-Sale of jumbo shrink wrap 50-55 kg/roll
-Shrink wrap without spool
-Black,white shrink wrap
-Pallet cover foil
-PE shrink wrap ( flat,hose,semi-hose)
-mini roll (like a grenade) manufacturing 100-250mm
-Bopp films,
-Pvc films,
-Polioleffin films,
-Shrink wrap for food industry
-Pe packets

Adhesive tapes

Wide variety of TESA adhesive tapes

Wide variety of 3M adhesive tapes

-Adhesive tapes (AKRIL/HOT MELT/SOLVENT 48×66 and 48×990 for machine use)
-marking ribbons

Paper products

-Corrugated rolls
-marking ribbon
-paper edge protection


Repurchase of any spool

Other products

-distribution of paper spool osed for shrink wrap
-cardboard box

-bubble wrap 1,2M/150M
-plastic edge protection
-Strapping Dispenser trolley
-packaging straps PP,PES (POLYESTER) PET, STEEL
-packaging strap buckle
-Steel Strapping Seal
-polifoam sheet rolls/arcs
-recycled bubble wrap 1,2M/150M
-interface foam
-plastic buckle 12-16mm,
-rubbish bag.

Packaging machines

automatic machine for manual use for PP
glue gun

wide variety of wrapping machines


We make a special price for orders of a volume of a pallet or more, about terms of delviery please contact our colleagues .

the price includes the environmental product fee .

Environmental product fee assumption agreement is possible .

EURO payments accepted.

Can rewind your rolls.

435 Constant customer
6800 Pallets of products
1217930 km rewidden foil
685240 rolls of adhesive tapes